NBN co’s 50mbps targets

The National Broadband Network (NBN) company has announced that it expects to have an additional 1 million people on 50mbps plans by June 2018. This is due to NBN recently updating their pricing structure, providing a 50mbps service at the same price as a 25mbps service.

NBN claim the in the last 2 months since making the price changes, 200,000 premises have moved over to 50mbps, with 50,000 of these being new service orders and the remaining 150,000 being upgrades from existing 25mbps plans.

Prior to the price changes, there were only 114,000 end users on 50mbps connections (about 3% of all new weekly NBN service orders)

50mbps is now about 30% of all new weekly orders NBN have said.

For anyone who is thinking about moving to a 50mbps NBN plan in the near future, the recent announcement from the ACCC regarding NBN speed tests might be useful.





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