Share your NBN data suggests Aussie Broadband

Local NBN company Aussie Broadband (the 5th most prominent NBN provider) will share all its internal data to the public to show when the NBN network services are getting congested and they have challenged their competitors to follow suit.

Generally ISPs have been pretty tight lipped about how much bandwidth they supply their customers on the NBN.
4000 homes.

Historically the numbers would not have been good for a number of ISPs though, with several being forced to refund customers for bad speeds. Vocus being the most recent.

“We think it would be great if other telcos did the same thing so customers have more information to base their decisions on,” managing director Phillip Britt said. “However, we don’t think many will follow suit.”

Aussie Broadband now publishes data for the last 24 hours, showing when downloads and uploads are nearing its bandwidth threshold, known as CVC capacity.


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